Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Presentation + More from Ted.com

In this mornings lecture we were introduced to a variety of methods on how to present yourself during a presentation, how to prepare and how to deliver what you want to say to your audience.  This involved how to hold yourself, boys ignore those pockets and girls leave that hair alone.  We were also introduced to powerpoint methods, a simple effect was how I just utilized bold in some text to highlight a point and draw your eye immediately there, afterward you may or may not read the remainder of the text.

There is so much more to this, but it is already quite late as I type this and I am tucked up in my bed.  However before I go, I will introduce you to another fantastic speaker from ted.com, Sir Ken Robinson, note how he uses rhetorical question throughout to engage his audience

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WillBill said...

Interesting talk. Well I say a talk, It's only half a talk and half stand-up

I don't know if I would not recommend trying to do a stand-up routine as a rule unless you know what you are doing